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Proven, practical dog training for people who want an amazingly well behaved family dog.

Is your dog...

Ignoring you?... especially under distraction?

Jumping all over you and your guests?

Pulling on the lead so much that walks aren't fun anymore?

Not coming back when you call him?

Boisterous with dogs or people?

Reactive on walks?

Suffering from Anxiety?


Stealing food or other items?


Barging through the doors or demanding attention?

Have you tried other trainers and methods that just haven't worked?

Or maybe you have a puppy who's toileting inside? Not sleeping? and you're wanting to start training them so you end up with an amazingly well-behaved adult dog?


I have a proven, fun, practical, easy to follow, budget-friendly BLUEPRINT that I know you will LOVE!

Start Training Your Dog


My names Heidi and I'm a professional dog trainer and behaviour specialist.
Having worked with THOUSANDS of dogs and owners I have the hands on experience necessary to get quick, real and lasting results.

Dog training is not just about teaching the dogs- it's about teaching the owners too. My programs are designed to make the learning process just as effective for you as it is for your dogs! If the owner is 100% clear on what they're doing then the dog is 100% clear! 

Many owners I speak to are at breaking point, their dog won't listen, is driving them crazy and is more of a burden than a joy!

Together, we can turn that around. 


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