About Me

Hi, I’m Heidi, founder of Dogmanship Training, dog behaviour obsessed, personal development nut and lover of camping and coffee! 

I’m also married, have 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 goldfish. 

dog trainer

I started training professionally in 2010 and having now trained thousands of dogs I can honestly say supporting dog owners through the journey still lights me up as much as ever! 

Although I have done the certificates… 


And continue to further my education...

To me, Dog Training isn’t about flashy routines or fancy tricks… it’s about being able to live with your dog in a way that you bring each other joy, NOT frustration.

When I started a career in dog training I was shocked at the amount of dogs in pounds/rescue facilities/on death row.

As I got more experienced, after being in hundreds of homes with frustrated, overwhelmed owners and unintentionally neglected dogs I realised the problem is bigger.

No one buys a dog with the intent of them being stuck in the backyard 24/7 or having to rehome them 12 months later. Owners want a family member, a companion and truly love their dogs... but unfortunately the worse the dogs behaviour gets the more they get excluded. 

  • They jump… so they can’t be around the kids
  • They run amock inside… so they’re never allowed in
  • They pull like a steam train on lead… so they don’t get walked
  • They harass guests… so they get locked away when people are over
  • They steal random objects from around the house… so they’re not longer allowed to hang out with the family

Millions of dogs are having a reduced quality of life that could be drastically improved with effective, results based training.

And so my mission is to help as many dog owners as possible train their dogs to be well behaved in every situation so they can truly be part of their lives and families.

I can't wait to help you!

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