How to teach your dog to listen in every situation without having to go to weekly classes!

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Hi, I’m Heidi! Creator of the Dogmanship Training Academy.

I’m help dog owners teach their dogs to listen in every situation, so they can truly have them as part of the family; without having to go to inconvenient weekly classes or pricey private lessons!

Having worked with HUNDREDS of dogs and owners, I know that many owners are at breaking point; their dog won't listen, is driving them crazy and is more of a burden than a joy!

Together, we can turn that around! I know you love your dog; you just need some help to bring out the best in them!

This free workshop is designed to introduce you to the exact blueprint I use within the Dogmanship Training Academy...

🐾WHY your dog just doesn't 'get it' and how we can change that!

🐾Why training is NOT as time consuming as you might think!

🐾The 3 biggest mistakes dog owners make.

🐾An intro into the blueprint I use to teach owners how to get their dog behaving in every scenario, not just when there's nothing better to do.

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This workshop is perfect for dogs of all ages!

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