How to teach your dog to listen in every situation so they can truly be part of your life and family; without having to go to weekly classes!

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This free workshop is designed to introduce you to the exact blueprint I use within my Dogmanship Training Academy

You will discover...

🐾WHY your dog isn't listening! A dog who doesn't listen is HARD to live with but with the right training we can change that!

🐾Why training is NOT as time consuming as you might think! You can train your dog even if you work full-time, have kids around or can't make it to weekly classes! 

🐾The 3 biggest mistakes dog owners make and how you can avoid them.

🐾An introduction to the 4 phase blueprint I designed for dog owners to teach their dogs how behave in every scenario, not just when there's nothing better to do.

Hi, I’m Heidi! Creator of the Dogmanship Training Academy.

I help dog owners teach their dogs to listen in every situation, so they can truly have them as part of the family; without having to go to inconvenient weekly classes or pricey private lessons!

Having worked with HUNDREDS of dogs and owners, I know that many owners are at breaking point; their dog won't listen, is driving them crazy and is more of a burden than a joy!

Together, we can turn that around! I know you love your dog; you just need some help to bring out the best in them!

"Joining Dogmanship training with a 6 year old dog - I was a little skeptical about how Ace would learn. But the program has been working wonders. 

Retraining Ace’s old habits with new ones take a few sessions but he is picking them up really well. 

My confidence with giving commands and the correct way to reinforce them to make sure I’m being clear has definitely been a game changer. 

A massive thanks to Heidi for her help.  

Taylah- Ace’s owner

"The dogmanship academy was a life saver!

Our puppy struggled when he was young with biting/restlessness and we could not figure out how to get him to stop, it was making life so difficult.

The training academy and Heidi's personal help in the Facebook group gave us ways we could address the problem and literally overnight we saw improvement, it was like a different dog!

A few basic principles carried across multiple training activities makes it so easy to add in new skills as our puppy got older."

Steff- Mikey's owner

Let's train!
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