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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Hosted by: Dogmanship Training

Join Heidi Hamilton, creator of the Dogmanship Training Academy, for dog training tips that will help you improve your dogs behaviour and training every week. Why? Because a trained dog means less frustration for...

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Member Spotlight- Megan & Tilly

Listen to Megan tell us the story about her beautiful Staffy Tilly! Megan is a member of the Dogmanship Training Academy and you can be too! Just head to to find out more.
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Over Reactive Rehab

If your dog barks, lunges and acts like an aggressive lunatic when they see other dogs on walks then this episode is for you! If you're ready to take action you can get access to my free introductory workshop right...
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Member Spotlight - Kasey & Gonzo

Todays episode is an interview with Kasey who is a member of the Dogmanship Training Academy! The goal is for people listening to the podcast to feel a bit less alone if they’re struggling with their dogs behaviour...
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Word Association

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Foundation First

Did you enjoy this episode? Find out more at
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Long Lines

Long lines are the often forgotten middle step in re-call training. If you're ready to jump in and get some real, lasting dog training results head to
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Food Dependence

If your dog is easily doing a skill/behaviour when they know you have food but never doing it without food then your food is a bribe not a reward… that small difference has a big impact. If you enjoyed this episode...
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Enhancing Walks

Is walking a lap of the block really the best use of your time? Here's some tips to improve your walks for you and your dog.
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Release Command

Slightly changing how you use your release command can make a huge difference. I hope this episodes helps you today! Find out more about training with me at
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Overtired Pups

This tip is sooo simple but it’s something most puppy owners are surprised to hear and when they change how much sleep their puppy gets they notice a big shift in behaviour too. FREE INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP -...
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Little Dog Syndrome

Is little dog syndrome real? Find out in this episode! Want to train with me? Head to
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Training Multiple Dogs

If you have more than one dog OR are thinking about getting another dog then this episode is for you! If you would like to train with me you can start right now! Head to
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