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Are you fed up with your dog never listening when it really counts?

Is your dog great when there's no distraction, but they struggle to listen to instruction no matter what? 

You're not alone, this is the most common problem dog parents have!

I feel your pain. Living with a dog who doesn't listen is stressful and frustrating! 

▪️It's the reason dogs spend more time in back yards than with their families.

▪️It's the reason your dog can't join you on walks and family outings

▪️It's the reason that sometimes you feel like you just can't keep your dog anymore

The biggest mistake dog parents make is assuming dogs automatically know how to behave.

We wonder why they don't know right from wrong.

Maybe you grew up with a great family dog or maybe you've seen friends dogs behave totally differently to yours, and you just thought your dog would be like that too? When we buy a dog, we have a set of expectations of how we want the dog to behave, but unfortunately your dog isn't programmed to automatically know what those expectations are. 

So, we end up yelling at them, secluding them from family time or outings and just generally not enjoying them like we want to!

But... you know there's a better way and you want your dog to be a family member who is a joy to have around.  If you want a well-behaved dog, it's your job to teach them what your expectations are.  You will hear me say it over and over again...


A trained dog gets to be inside when visitors arrive because they don't bark at the door bell or jump all over your guests.

A trained dog gets to go for walks and outings with the family because they don't pull on the lead or bark and lunge at everything that goes past.

A trained dog gets to hang out with the family because, they can relax and lie down when told to. Even if you're eating dinner, the baby is playing on the floor, the kids are on the trampoline or you're doing the housework.

A trained dog gets to feel like part of the family, a pack member.

Therefore, a trained dog is a happy dog...

And creating happy dogs and happy dog parents is what Dogmanship Training is all about!

If you're ready to transform your dogs behaviour and give them the gift of more freedom then read on... you're in the right place!

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Introducing The Dogmanship Training Academy

The Academy was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. You will not need hours a day to designate to dog training time. In fact, this program works better if you train on the 'fly' in those few moments between loading the dishwasher and brushing your teeth.

Not only do you have access to the on-demand road map to training success, you also get twice a month LIVE group coaching in our Dogmanship Training Tribe. So you get the same results you would get if I was standing right there in your living room

ALL the videos can be accessed at any time, so you can watch and re-watch and get the whole family involved.

Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Be proud of your dog's behaviour and have others comment on how good they are.

  • Be able to ask an expert for dog training advice whenever you need it.

  • Be a part of a tribe of like-minded dog parents sharing their dog training stories and questions.

  • Have access to an ever-growing library of dog training resources clearly outlining your road map to dog training success.

Dog Training is more than just a job for me, it's my passion and my obsession. I genuinely want you to have a well-behaved dog AND enjoy the training process.

I've been training dogs professionally for about 10 years and have helped thousands of dog parents get the results they want and need.  I am a self-confessed dog-nerd who is always learning and updating my methods so you can get the very best results possible.

I have learnt from some of the world's greatest dog trainers and packaged up all of that info into one transformational program, so dog owners can get all the information they need, whenever they need it, without feeling overwhelmed.

This is a dog training program like no other...

When you join you will get INSTANT access to the entire ‘good dog blueprint’ guiding you step by step through the program, so you can hit the ground running and get results quickly!

Here's a sneak peek into what's inside...

CORE - This is where you'll learn how your dog learns and the very best way to teach them.

COMMUNICATION - In this phase, we focus on teaching commands like sit, drop and stay. BUT more importantly you'll learn how to get your dog to do as you ask even when they usually wouldn't want to- like when someone's at the door for example!

LIFESTYLE - In the first two phases you'll have built an effective communication system with your dog. So now it's time to dive into solving those pesky problems. Unwanted jumping, rushing through doors, whining for attention or barking?- I've got you covered plus much more!

FREEDOM - In this phase I break down 're-call' into 3 phases to ensure you cover all bases and get reliable off-lead control. PLUS we cover behaviour rehabiliation, reactivity and anxiety.

PUPPY - Specifically for dogs 5 months and under. Learn how to set your pup up for success from day one and work on toilet training, whining when left alone, biting, jumping and basic obedience.

PLUS the 3 C's of Support!

✔️COACHING - Weekly LIVE video coaching and Q&A, so you can chat with me in real time to ensure you never feel stuck!

✔️COMMUNITY - You have access to me anytime, via the members only Facebook group the 'Dogmanship Training Tribe', to ask questions and get personalised feedback- so you feel supported every step of the way. You can even post videos of your dogs behaviour, so I can give you specific advice about your individual situation.

✔️CONTENT Challenges- Over 30 bonus ‘challenge’ videos. Including videos on trick training, mindset, enrichment and extra behaviour modification tips!

Case studies- Watch real clients and real dogs go through the training process! 

I know with access to the Dogmanship Training Academy you WILL have a well-behaved dog you can be proud of. But don't just take my word for it... here's a few words from our members!


If you're looking for competition training and fancy tricks this is NOT the place for you... this is for everyday dog owners who want a dog who will listen even when distracted so they can be a part of their life and family. 

So are you ready for your success story?

Here's exactly what you get: 

 Instant access to the entire ‘Good Dog Blueprint’

 Access to the private group the 'Dogmanship Training Tribe'

 Weekly LIVE coaching within the training tribe 

 Over 30 bonus 'challenge' videos

 Real life case studies to watch

 Support whenever you need it 

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No need to pay upwards of $900 to hire an expert trainer when you can get results from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost!

30-day money back guarantee... if you can show me you're doing the training, and it's not working, I will happily refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program the right fit for you?

If your dog is physically fit and healthy then your dog is not too old! I have trained many dogs 8 years and over with absolutely no issues! However, old dogs have had many years to establish bad habits and so in some cases it can take slightly longer to establish new habits but it's 100% possible!

Yes! The sooner you start the better. There is an entire module dedicated to puppies less than 4.5 months old.

Absolutely! I have followed this exact method while rehabilitating countless foster dogs. Not only is it effective but it will help you build a relationship with the dog based on mutual trust and respect which is something your dog may have never experienced before.

Yes. All breeds have certain tendencies and behaviour traits however the basis of all effective training is finding what does and doesn't motivate your dog. I can't tell you how often people contact me because they've heard their breed is incapable of learning to listen. Every breed can learn, you just have to speak their language.


What is your goal? If you want your dog to stop banging on the door because they've been put outside while you're inside (for example) and stop having major reactions to minor triggers then YES this will absolutely work. 

If your goal is to completely eliminate anxiety then you need to consider that anxiety often can't be cured but can be managed just like with humans.

The beauty of this method is that is creates SO much clarity in the dog's life. There's a huge focus on pattern learning and creating structure in a way that fits seamlessly with your life. This is EXACTLY what anxious dogs NEED to thrive and live their best lives!

I have worked with many anxious dogs who's anxiety was non-existent after and others who's anxiety was greatly reduced and far more manageable. Either way the results you get from this program will have a huge impact on your dog's well-being and will help you stop feeling like you're constantly managing your life around your dog's anxiety.

Aggression is a symptom of an underlying problem. That being said, not every dog is going to be a trustworthy social butterfly, BUT every dog should be able to walk down the street without growling/lunging/barking at other dogs going past. 

When working with dogs displaying aggression there are two possible outcomes:

1- The dog can interact with other dogs in controlled environments.

2- The dog is not reliably safe to have interacting with other dogs but can be within very close proximity without being reactive.

I have numerous dogs in my group classes who originally started my programs because of aggression issues and as you can see they learn to manage their emotions. 

This program covers the same methods I use for this issue BUT I recommend you seek 1:1 help from a trainer to ensure the safety of everyone involved. So no, this program is not for you unless used in conjunction with private lessons. 

I recently surveyed the tribe and asked them about what they think of the academy. They could choose to answer anonymously if they wanted to. Here's a screenshot of some of their responses....

Get the entire Dogmanship Training Academy for just



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Unfortunately the doors the Dogmanship Training Academy are currently closed so that I can focus on the current members getting AMAZING results!

BUT don't worry they will re-open soon! 

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