I recently surveyed the Dogmanship Training Academy members to get some of their honest feedback, they could choose to answer anonymously if they wanted to.

Here's what they said they loved about the academy...

  • Everything! Ok, you want specifics... A training system that works, Heidi’s clear way of explaining everything, and the Tribe”
  • Being able to work through the training at my own pace and being able to work at different levels to other people depending on where my dogs are up to. And the constant support from Heidi!
  • The support along with the ease of access doing the modules in my own time and being able to go back and review them and learn.
  • Heidis passion and kind approach with training isssues. It can be hard when your dog is causing difficulties. She will provide advice, and always follow up with all you need to get your dog on track and he household happy! I have worked with a few trainers and Heidi is by far the best in every way!
  • Training at your own pace. People sharing videos and questions online & Heidis approach to everyone is amazing.
  • The best thing for me so far is that there are videos to watch that teach me how to train my dog, they also answer most of my questions. I really like that I can ask a question that relates to my situation and get a personalised answer.
  • Solid, practical advice & network of people who are going through same/similar!
  • Heidi. Love how simple she makes it. Talks a language I can understand. Feels like a great community to be part of
  • How available Heidi is to help whenever you need her!
  • Everything!! From the information available with the modules, being part of a group of people and especially Heidi the trainer who has an abundance of knowledge, patience and understanding of dogs and her responses are so detailed and informative!

100% of people said they would recommend Dogmanship Training to a friend!


"We were recommended Heidi…..an absolute god send….. Heidi and her way of training has had such a profound impact on both Hurley’s and our lives...

Heidi worked patiently with both me and Hurley, guiding us hands on the whole way through.

With the help of Heidi Hurley now has very clear boundaries and is an absolute pleasure to take anywhere and everywhere with us without worrying how bad his behaviour was going to be.

Had we not had Heidi with her fantastic attitude and brilliant expertise we would most certainly not have the now placid, gentle and obedient dog we have now.

I cannot recommend Heidi highly enough. From the Bottom of our hearts, we thank you Heidi."

Liz- Hurleys Mum


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