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Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

Hosted by: Dogmanship Training

Join Heidi Hamilton, creator of the Dogmanship Training Academy, for dog training tips that will help you improve your dogs behaviour and training every week. Why? Because a trained dog means less frustration for...

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Tip 9 - Car Chaos

Is your dog jumping on the inside of the car, barking, pacing or barging out the doors when you arrive at your destination in the car? Yes- then this tip is for you! Want to train with me? Watch the free introductory...
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Tip 8 - Separation Stress

Tips to avoid the stress of you leaving your dog at home! I would love to hear from you! IG - @dogmanshiptraining OR watch my FREE INTRO WORKSHOP at
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Tip 7 - Dog Greetings

This tip is about how to get dogs to greet in a way that they can end up being friends or living together! I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions you can find me as Dogmanship Training on Instagram...
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Tip 6 - Faster Improvement

Find the 'sweet spot' that accelerates your training!
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Tip 5 - Come

3 tips in 1 today! All 3 are ideal for those teaching their dogs to come when called!
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Tip 4 - Travel Sickness

If your dog is stressed, panting, drooling, vomiting or just generally not enjoying car trips then this episode is for you! Grab your freebie here-
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Tip 3 - Doorbells

Quick tips for owners of dogs who bark or go crazy when someone knocks at the door or rings the doorbell!
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Tip 2 - Toilet Training

Toilet training doesn't have to be complicated! These simple tips will take out any confusion and give you the steps you need to reach toilet training success.
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Tip 1 - Building Reliability

Is your goal reliability off-lead, under distraction, no matter what? Then this podcast is for you! Got a question? Find me at OR search 'Dogmanship Training' on FB, IG and YouTube.
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HI, I’m Heidi and I’m so excited to be bringing you the Dog Training Tips Podcast! Each week I’ll be bringing you a new tip that will help improve life with your dog. My goal is to teach you how to teach your dog to...
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