Training your dog is the single best thing you can do for them.

Teaching your dog to WANT to listen to you to you no matter what the distraction not only makes your life easier but gives your dog a better quality of life because it's so easy to have them as part of your day and your family! 

I know. You probably think your dog is impossible to train, that he's too crazy or too out of control.   Or maybe you have a young pup who is desperate to learn new things but your not sure exactly what to teach him and how.  I can work with you in your own home and show you how to have a well-behaved family dog!


It's never too late or too early to train your dog! From puppies to double digits, training is important at every age and stage.

Whether your goals are to teach your dog some manners at home, you want them to listen to you no matter what the distraction or you are dealing with serious behavioural issues I can help!

I have worked with thousands of dogs and have seen just about every problem, big or small!
I still get so excited to see the amazing results my clients achieve every single day and I can't wait to get you started on your dog training journey.

No problem is too big, in fact, I specialise in dog aggression, fear and anxiety and love to see the transformation of the dogs when you finally unlock the key to training them.


Almost all of my clients started out with the best intentions but either the dog training advice they've been given previously has been really ineffective OR life just got really busy and there was no time to train the dog! We've all been there before! Don't beat yourself up about it, it's not to late!

All my programs are designed to guide and support you step by step so you can have a well behaved family dog who is a joy to be around!


Behaviour consults are ONLY available in conjunction with Dogmanship Training Academy. This is because dog training is a journey and I want to be there to help you before and after your 1:1 consultation to ensure you reach your goals! 

1.5-2 hour in-home behaviour consult - $180


My family and I are currently living our caravan travelling Australia & training as many dogs as we can along the way- check out Dogmanship Training on Facebook or Instagram to see our current location.

Consults can also be done via video call.


"Heidi's teaching method is completely new to me. I've never seen anything like it before but I'm so glad I did. Thanks so much Heidi. My partner and I had gotten to the end of our tether when trying to train our dog Hurley. Hurley our Macedonian Mountain Dog X Rotti was only 8 months old, weighing in at 50kg, and had been through numerous leg operations due to Elbow Dysplasia so training had been put on the back burner until he was well and fit enough. Unfortunately in this time Hurley had learnt many bad habits, some becoming quite concerning as he is extremely protective and was becoming dangerous especially with his strength. Hurley was constantly mouthing and was growing increasingly aggressive around strangers. We were recommended to Heidi… absolute god send….. Heidi and her way of training has had such a profound impact on both Hurley’s and our lives. We were very conscious of having someone who was strong enough but also someone who took a gentle approach also as he was still recovering. Heidi worked patiently with both me and Hurley, guiding us hands on the whole way through. With the help of Heidi Hurley now has very clear boundaries and is an absolute pleasure to take anywhere and everywhere with us without worrying how bad his behaviour was going to be. Had we not had Heidi with her fantastic attitude and brilliant expertise we would most certainly not have the now placid, gentle and obedient dog we have now. I cannot recommend Heidi highly enough. From the Bottom of our hearts, we thank you Heidi."


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